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Thursday, December 10, 2009

Recovering Permanently deleted files in Vista and Windows 7

Have you ever deleted a file or folder from the desktop and emptied the recycle bin only to realize, seconds later, that you deleted the wrong one? Or have you ever edited a document, saved it, and then wanted to undo those changes?

Luckily, both Windows Vista and Windows 7 include a build-in feature called Shadow Copy that can solve this exact problem without you having to do anything. As you work with the files, Shadow Copy will automatically save incremental backups of your files in the background so if you accidentally delete or change a file, you can revert to the previous version with a simple right-click.

The Shadow Copy feature is available in all editions of Windows 7 but only in the Business and Ultimate editions of Vista. However, if your computer is running Vista Home Basic or Home Premium editions, you can still enjoy the Shadow Copy feature without upgrading your OS.

The feature may also come in handy if your document gets damaged or you want to bring back the files that were deleted by a virus.

Click HERE to know how is that being done.


Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Ban the Police by Blaaze lyrics and Video

I have been a regular follower of MTV few years ago.
I follow it now also... but once a fav channel of mine now sucks except few shows like roadies,splitsvilla etc.,
The 'M' in MTV stands for Music which it is lacking these days very badly. Other than ads and other junk stuff No music is being telecast all the time.

One of my all time favorite songs is the Ban the Police staff by Blaaze & Sagar feat Lavanya.
Blaaze is a Wonderful Rap singer and Lavanya's counters are amazing. This song is a tribute to all those victims of the police injustice.
Have a look at the lyrics I am sure everyone in India agree with Blaaze's Feelings.

Hats Off Blaaze.

After searching so much for the song lyrics on Google I could finally get the lyrics:

Have a Look at the song here

and here are the Lyrics.
Ban The Crooked Police
Blaaze & Sagar feat. Lavanya

Me Remember When Me Was A Little Boy
Me Ya Wanna To Be A Police Man.
Me Ya Wanna To Wear In The Uniform
And Serve All Of The People.
But The Times They Changed
And Nothing Is The Same
And We Wonderin' Why It Had To Be Ya
That The People There Might Said
That The Fate Got Away
And Nothing Around It But It Seems Aa

So Me Say Ban The Police Aa
Ban The Police Aa
Ban The Police Aa
We Say Ban The Police
Ban The Police Aa
Ban The Police Aa
Ban The Police Up All The Crooked Police
All The Crooked Police
All The Wicked Police
All The Racist Police
All The Rapist Police
They Are The Rapist Police
We Say Ban The Police
All The Corrupt Police
All The Wicked Police
All The Racist Police
All The Rapist Police
They Are The Rapist Police
We Say Ban The Police
We Say Ban The Police
We Say Ban The Police Aa
Ban The Police Aa
Ban The Police Aa
Ban The Police Aa
We Say Ban The Police Aa
Ban The Police Aa
Ban The Police Aa
Ban The Police Aa
All The Crooked Police

Ban The Police Up For Billcis Bano
Ban The Police Up For Jessica Lal
Ban The Police For Gujarat Riots
Ban The Police They Might Need To Learn
Ban The Police Up For Sanjay Pandey
Ban The Police For The Not Help Me
Ban The Police If You Can't Change Them
You Say Ban The Police With Me Say Ban Them!

Somebody Police Police They Might Try To Catch Me
Somebody Police Police They Might Not Trust Me
Somebody Police Police Come On Come On Follow Me
Somebody Police Police Somebody Police Police
Somebody Police Police They Might Try To Catch Me
Somebody Police Police They Might Not Trust Me
Somebody Police Police Come On Come On Follow Me
Me Say Why Did'nt The Police Not Help Me?
So Me Say Why Did'nt The Police Not Help Me?

Love The Police
Love The Police
Love The Police
We Say Love The Police
Love The Police
Love The Police
Love The Police
We Say Love The Police

No Me Say Ban The Police Aa
Ban The Police Aa
Ban The Police Aa
We Say Ban The Police Aa
Ban The Police Aa
Ban The Police Aa
Ban The Police Up All The Crooked Police
All The Crooked Police
All The Wicked Police
All The Racist Police
All The Rapist Police
They Are The Rapist Police
We Say Ban The Police
All The Corrupt Police
All The Wicked Police
All The Racist Police
All The Rapist Police
They Are The Rapist Police
We Say Ban The Police
We Say Ban The Police
We Say Ban The Police Aa
We Say Ban The Police Aa


Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Lost Symbol Novel by Dan Brown Download link

Dan Brown is one of those finest authors of English who has written 4 books till now. I have read three of them till now!
The Da Vinci Code being the first flick from him. The Davinci Code has created a controversy amongst the Catholic community but finally has won many accolades.

Digital Fortress is the most favorite book of mine- this is the second flick from Dan.This is such a superb page turner that you cant wait a second to keep the book aside. The story revolves around a Superficial, fictitious Computer called TRANSLTR and the code that is needed to stop the computer from burning out.

Deception point is the third novel which narrates the superficial existence of PODS and a Huge rock beneath a Glacier. The suspense he maintained throughout the novel will make you simply say aaaah!!.

Fourth book that DAN wrote is titled Angels and Demons. This book was a blast too and this has also made it to Hollywood and hit the screens worldwide with unbelievable graphics.

I have been waiting for over an year for Dan to release the next novel of him- The Lost Symbol.The lost symbol has created loads of enthusiasm amongst the followers of Dan. The very website that is created for promoting the book was tremendous Here is the link of the site However, as many things come to an end, my waiting for Lost Symbol has also come to an end and finally the book got released lately.

The Lost Symbol is now available all over the world (YAY!!!!). To people who are lethargic like me who cannot go to a store and buy a copy of that - I want to help you in getting a soft copy of the book downloaded directly. I could successfully download the book and started reading it.

For all the folks, here is the link to download the Multi format Version of this Book.
In case if you are not able to access the link , Copy paste this URL in your browser.

The book is available in .pdf,.html, and a SQL server replication snapshot Procedure script. The PDF is the easiest and very user friendly format. So, if you are a Dan Brown fan Download the files and terminate the enthusiasm you have been facing for so looooong. If you are not a fan, even then download a copy and start reading it .I bet you will love it. He is such a good fiction storyteller that many a times while reading his books you take away your breath.

I would like to complete the book As soon as possible and write a review on it later.
Till then adios, ciao, hasta la vista',

Have fun and Keep rockin'!


Sunday, August 30, 2009

Those were the best days of my life..

HCU has been an inseparable part of my life.

Three years(plus 3 months) of my life out there was the most wonderful era of my life till date. It is that campus where I realized what is called life at its core meaning. I have experienced the meaning of freedom. Every location of this wonderful place has got so many memories linked up with me. Right from the main entrance through the Helipad at the extreme end through the forest area towards the Gopanpally (Now, there is barely any forest its called South campus).

I just want to write this blog post to my own self. So that whenever feel sad or unhappy I can jus open this post and feel pleasant. I am sure there will be so many others from HCU who feels the same. The place holds a mesmerizing factor within it. Be it the lakes, be it the roads, be it the vegetation, or be it the 2300 acres of huuuge campus. Every inch of HCU has magic filled in it.

Doing MCA in HCU is like a dream for so many students. I feel so blessed to be a part of that without of much of effort. And if I say MCA this is what that comes into my mind have a look at this before proceeding further.

Caught up in nostalgia??? You ought to! No other go!

The people you saw in the above video are the best people I could ever get to meet till now. I have a special place for all of them all the time. Right through the starting days of interaction to the farewell ever day is a Golden day and every moment is a Golden Moment. When I tried to compile all of them and give it a shape it looks like this.

How is it? Awesome.. wonderful.. excellent .. superb??? I bet you run out of adjectives to describe the feelings. Because the life at the place itself is so wonderful that you run out of words. As every single passed out of HCU misses the University and the life there I miss it too. In fact I miss it much more than anyone else. It has been a place where I had atleast 5-10 people always around me and have fun.

Now I miss all those buddies and all those wonderful experiences I had with them.
Those were the best days of my life because…

I miss driving on those blossom filled roads.
I miss holding sinha’s hand and driving him till D hostel.
I miss laying on the green grass bed of library lawn.
I miss bunking the class and sleeping in my room lazily.
I miss putting g proxies for my friends.
I miss cheating in R13.
I miss the Irani Chai at Shop comp.
I miss the late night diners we had at Vindu.
I miss waiting for girls at LH.
I miss driving them Helipad.
I miss the Bdays at Bday Circle.
I miss the mid night Chai at C hostel.
I miss one day batting for exams.
I miss the movies at DST.
I miss the DJ’s and the dance floor.
If all these things are put aside I miss the heaven on the earth called GOPS.
If I stayed for three years in HCU then I almost spent 2.5 years in GOPS.
I miss it the most. I always had complaints about the taste of the food there, Still ate the most of the time there. Because at gops it’s not the food that fills your stomach but several other things.

Finally, I want to say something.
HCU is a very special for each of the student who studied there. It is certain.
But for a person like me who has experienced the warmth and love of the people there and being the Mr. Sukoon of the campus for the year 2008. Its more than an year since I left the place but still I have the feeling of missing it.

Whatever it is life has to move on and it is moving on.
Baatein Bhool jatein hain yadein yaad aati hain….
This is life all about.
All that I can say is .. As Bryan Adams says in Summer of ’69.
Those were the best days of my life….


Sunday, August 16, 2009

Citius, Altius, Fortius- That is HCU MCA

Hello Guys,

This posting is more personally related to the students who did/doing their MCA at HCU.

In case you are not a part of the Family : Please dont read further

I have always been saying that My stay at HCU has been the most wonderful time Ive ever spent in my life till date. All that happened because of I was a student and an eternal part of the MCA family at HCU. The relation the students used to maintain in MCA is no less than any family. At any point of time there will be a minimum of 119 people behind you in case of any Problem.

I accept that these days laws are being implemented and all the care is taken so that No student interacts his/her juniors in HCU. But, Being a student of this wonderful group ( MCA @ HCU) I completely disagree with all those buggers who constantly are aiming at MCA students in HCU all the time. Some ( Sexually Frustrated Indians) of HCU were constantly molesting the MCA fraternity but could not succeed in gaining an upper hand against us. But as a famous saying says - "If you can't move a stumbling block nor get over it simply pee on it and walk away". Thats what is happening all the time. Nobody can never ever ruin the congeniality and the affection that we hold within us as a family.

This world is full of slum-fuckers and HCU is no exception. The wisdom lies in how well can we handle these "Good for nothings". During my recent visit to HCU a few weeks ago - I learnt from my juniors that.. so many people at HCU in groups are trying to catch hold of the seniors along with juniors and make some ragging story out of it- so that they can grab the asses of the students careers. Bull shit!!!

All this is taking place only to achieve on target- Spoil the integrity of the MCA students.
Because we being together ever since the course has formed have never bent our head to any group in the whole Univ. That is the irony beyond all this grudge.The faculty in DCIS are no lesser there are very very few who really care for us. They don't even care if the career of a student gets ruined if the student doesnot satisfy the ego of him/her. I personally have faced this I had to see pathetic grades- and when I asked the reason. They say"I have no attitude...." and "My classmates forgot to wish her - morning". What the F***.
अनुपमा faculty available at DCIS.

So, My point here is to appeal all the existing and new coming students of MCA HCU is - " Dont get devastated with all the non sense people spread all around". Play a safe game yet dont forget that you carry forward a lot of tradition & fraternity. As I heard that the freshers is nearing soon. I would like all of you to say this loudly yet another time.

Coca Cola Pepsi --------- MCA SEXY

Lots of Love,
Sriki (Unfortunately, The last Mr.Congeniality of HCU MCA till date)

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Walk away!!!

This is a nice poem I came across when I was going through one of the websites.
Here is the actual LINK where the poem is posted. I somehow am very impressed by the lucid presentation of the feeling of the poet.

Just have a look..... If you have ever faced something named 'Betrayal' in your life ever you can empathize it

This girl,
She's one of a kind,
I wish I could hold her,
I'm sitting here losing my mind,

I used to make her smile,
Really smile,
But since I moved away,
No one's seen it in a while,

I miss her so bad,
And all I want is to kiss her,
To get a glimpse of what we had,
Because it just disappeared in a blur,

I used to see her face everyday,
But we're spreading apart,
And our memories are starting to,
Slowly drift away,

My world is painted black and white,
Because she was my color,
With her every little thing was right,
Now we're forgetting each other,

I can only hang onto her in my dreams,
But I should know by now,
That nothing's as incredible as it seems,

But I can go on,
I will go on without her,
I didn't mean to ever doubt her,
I'm not so much of a doubter,

This girl,
Who has made my last years great,
But I guess being together,
Just wasn't our fate


Thursday, June 25, 2009

EBook Download Heaven.

Hello Guys...

Here is a link that I have been using for the past 2 years to download all my favorite English Books. Mainly Novels. This site has a Very big range of Novels ranging from the Old books to the New ones. It also provides you a series ( Like Trilogy etc.,) in one single Zip or Rar File. For instance you can find all the Bourne Series of Robert Ludlum in one single .rar file.

The name of the site seems to be weird. But Never mind .. As long as it serves a good cause ... All Hail this site.

Here is the Link for unrestricted Downloading.

Have fun.


Saturday, June 6, 2009

Thank you recession!

Hello folks.... !!!

Its been very ( in fact very very) long ever since i posted my last posting. My life in the past 3 months has seen lot of annealing. It was a fair piece of Curate's egg all this time. This post is exclusively to express my strive during this icky period of recession.

Well coming to the title - The title of the post sounds sheer ridicule to many. But for some one who is an optimist as virile as me ..this is a No Wonder Kind of title. It all happened due to the decision that I tried to be no different from others few years back. Instead of choosing a way which is quite fruitful and a path where very few people choose(Learning Spanish along with my MCA).. I have chosen a path which is already very congested with tons and tons of people( Just a solid MCA). The only concession here is that I am a Post Graduate from India's Second best University (One and Only Hyderabad Central University). Many people dream of stepping into the entrance gate of this temple through which i have passed by thousands of times. Thousands of people relinquish many things and dream to do their MCA there and get a good placement. Though I wasnt a stargazer - some how it happened that I ended up pursuing my MCA from such a smashing university.

Things were working out fine for me through out the year 2008 as it has given me lot of things of which I can feel vainglory of. I already posted a blog stating some of them titled Yaadein 2008. No sooner I posted the blog in January '09 was nightmarish month of March that has made me kneel on my knees in front of destiny. To everyones surprise I had had to quit my job as a .NET developer in RAMP technologies( The company which has made me feel like my own home and has offered me a job so that I could buy my own bread and butter). Just because the destiny is playing the devilish game named "Economic Recession" I was the one caught up by the thief. Rather I was one amongst those innumerable, uncountable no.of software professionals across the globe.I was unable to digest that everything happened in a click of a moment.I was in deep thoughts worrying to the maximum about my future as if the sorrow in the world is all mine.Later on by the Holy Grace of the Almighty I finally landed up in another job and am working now happily.

All this above things took place during the span of 3 months i.e March through May. During this period which people usually find vulnerable,unassimilatable, boring, shitty and irritating. I tried enjoying each day to the greatest extent possible. I walked every evening on the grass along side of the Mini Tank Mund along with my all time buddy Satyender. I got a chance to travel the length and breadth of the Konaseema ( The lushy green region of Coastal Andhra). I have found who-is-who with people who are around me. This time acted as a filter to find the precipitatual nominal friends.

Needless to say the support dispensed by my own family. This period has really auxilled me to strengthen my relations further.
I missed the smallest of the smallest happiness being working. I have devoted my whole free time as a couch potato watching my favorite wrestling shows, reality shows on the Idiot Box. I heard the music I love to the fullest range possible to make my heart fly like a quill. I have continued my 'Aadhi padhi Novels' and have completed few of them.I also have got a chance to act in a documentary that is being shown all over US off late for a fund raising campaign of the school I have studied.

On the contrary I have completed lot of pending works which I always cherished to execute but could not do so of one bloody reason - " Lack of time". Had recession not been there I might not have gotten a chance to enjoy the bliss of all these. Though there are lot of negatives I faced during this period, the so called high levels of optimism have surged a shot of adrenaline into me to write this post.

At the end of the day all happies at my end and as Robbie Williams says - " NO REGRETS"


Friday, February 6, 2009

Duplicate Detection in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics is a CRM which is being widely used these days.

A CRM is a system that is used to manage all the business operations of a company. I have been involved in customizing the CRM for meeting the requirements of our firm. This blog entry is all about explaining the process of Duplicate detection.

One of the Business requirements that usually a company has is that - if you wish to maintain the information of Leads, then you don’t want the duplicate records of the leads to be there in the lead entity. More clearly if there is a lead with an e-Mail id say and if we are trying to add another lead with different name but the e-mail ID as then that is considered as a duplicate. Hence this scenario has to be handled. This means we should not allow the duplicate record.

In order to do this the following steps are to be followed.

· Go to SettingsàData Management à Duplicate Detection rules

· In that click on the NEW button on the top navigation bar.

· This opens a new window. In That window give the Name, base record type and matching record type and then set the attributes and criteria as per the requirement and save it using the Save and Close.

· Now the page gets navigated to the previous page.

· In this page select the rule which you want to publish and click on the Publish button.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Finding the Exact coordinates of an Image for an Image Map.


In this post, I would like to discuss about a solution for finding the exact coordinate values of and image using some Java script.

Before the solution – here is a brief description about the problem.

Image map is such a wonderful feature, which will allow you to navigate to various pages using one single image. Say if we have the Geographical Map of India & we want to navigate to different state official websites by clicking on the particular state- on the image. This looks astonishing for any Web Illiterate. But the fact is this is a very easy task to be implemented in terms of coding. But the tedious part of this whole thing is getting the coordinates.


In one of my Projects I worked I have come across an image which is in rectangular shape with rectangular shaped fields in the image. Then I started taking the coordinates using the MS Paint tool. I have manually noted down the co ordinates and copied them into the of the Image map.

And the image map worked out fine. Later on when I had to map an image of the following layout I faced a lot of ruckus in taking the coordinates. I took the coordinates in paint by placing the cursor and noting the points. But after mapping the actual hyper link was pointing at some weird places instead of the actual place. Say if I am pointing at x(40,30) it is pointing the hyperlink at x( 20,10) or so. Then with the help of one of my friends Mr. Praveen Battula I have solved the issue. Praveen has written a small snippet of code in Java Script which has greatly reduced my pain. The java script code uses the cursor position to give the exact coordinates. Here is the Code snippet
















        You pointed on x = - y =






·         If you want to use this code you are to do the following things:

·         Copy the code into a new notepad.

·         Save it with any name but extension as’ .html’

·         In the Image: Url field within the braces give the path of the target image in single quotes (‘).

·         Save the file and open it in a Browser.

·         Now you will find the image and two text boxes in the browser window.

·         Place the cursor on the image and note down the coordinate that are being displayed in the text boxes below the image.

Copy the coordinates and map them using the and <> tags of the image map.

A small demo is present in the following link on how to write an image map and how does that look.



Happy Coding Folks,


Yours ,