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Friday, February 6, 2009

Duplicate Detection in Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Microsoft Dynamics is a CRM which is being widely used these days.

A CRM is a system that is used to manage all the business operations of a company. I have been involved in customizing the CRM for meeting the requirements of our firm. This blog entry is all about explaining the process of Duplicate detection.

One of the Business requirements that usually a company has is that - if you wish to maintain the information of Leads, then you don’t want the duplicate records of the leads to be there in the lead entity. More clearly if there is a lead with an e-Mail id say and if we are trying to add another lead with different name but the e-mail ID as then that is considered as a duplicate. Hence this scenario has to be handled. This means we should not allow the duplicate record.

In order to do this the following steps are to be followed.

· Go to SettingsàData Management à Duplicate Detection rules

· In that click on the NEW button on the top navigation bar.

· This opens a new window. In That window give the Name, base record type and matching record type and then set the attributes and criteria as per the requirement and save it using the Save and Close.

· Now the page gets navigated to the previous page.

· In this page select the rule which you want to publish and click on the Publish button.

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