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Saturday, June 6, 2009

Thank you recession!

Hello folks.... !!!

Its been very ( in fact very very) long ever since i posted my last posting. My life in the past 3 months has seen lot of annealing. It was a fair piece of Curate's egg all this time. This post is exclusively to express my strive during this icky period of recession.

Well coming to the title - The title of the post sounds sheer ridicule to many. But for some one who is an optimist as virile as me ..this is a No Wonder Kind of title. It all happened due to the decision that I tried to be no different from others few years back. Instead of choosing a way which is quite fruitful and a path where very few people choose(Learning Spanish along with my MCA).. I have chosen a path which is already very congested with tons and tons of people( Just a solid MCA). The only concession here is that I am a Post Graduate from India's Second best University (One and Only Hyderabad Central University). Many people dream of stepping into the entrance gate of this temple through which i have passed by thousands of times. Thousands of people relinquish many things and dream to do their MCA there and get a good placement. Though I wasnt a stargazer - some how it happened that I ended up pursuing my MCA from such a smashing university.

Things were working out fine for me through out the year 2008 as it has given me lot of things of which I can feel vainglory of. I already posted a blog stating some of them titled Yaadein 2008. No sooner I posted the blog in January '09 was nightmarish month of March that has made me kneel on my knees in front of destiny. To everyones surprise I had had to quit my job as a .NET developer in RAMP technologies( The company which has made me feel like my own home and has offered me a job so that I could buy my own bread and butter). Just because the destiny is playing the devilish game named "Economic Recession" I was the one caught up by the thief. Rather I was one amongst those innumerable, uncountable no.of software professionals across the globe.I was unable to digest that everything happened in a click of a moment.I was in deep thoughts worrying to the maximum about my future as if the sorrow in the world is all mine.Later on by the Holy Grace of the Almighty I finally landed up in another job and am working now happily.

All this above things took place during the span of 3 months i.e March through May. During this period which people usually find vulnerable,unassimilatable, boring, shitty and irritating. I tried enjoying each day to the greatest extent possible. I walked every evening on the grass along side of the Mini Tank Mund along with my all time buddy Satyender. I got a chance to travel the length and breadth of the Konaseema ( The lushy green region of Coastal Andhra). I have found who-is-who with people who are around me. This time acted as a filter to find the precipitatual nominal friends.

Needless to say the support dispensed by my own family. This period has really auxilled me to strengthen my relations further.
I missed the smallest of the smallest happiness being working. I have devoted my whole free time as a couch potato watching my favorite wrestling shows, reality shows on the Idiot Box. I heard the music I love to the fullest range possible to make my heart fly like a quill. I have continued my 'Aadhi padhi Novels' and have completed few of them.I also have got a chance to act in a documentary that is being shown all over US off late for a fund raising campaign of the school I have studied.

On the contrary I have completed lot of pending works which I always cherished to execute but could not do so of one bloody reason - " Lack of time". Had recession not been there I might not have gotten a chance to enjoy the bliss of all these. Though there are lot of negatives I faced during this period, the so called high levels of optimism have surged a shot of adrenaline into me to write this post.

At the end of the day all happies at my end and as Robbie Williams says - " NO REGRETS"


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