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Thursday, September 24, 2009

The Lost Symbol Novel by Dan Brown Download link

Dan Brown is one of those finest authors of English who has written 4 books till now. I have read three of them till now!
The Da Vinci Code being the first flick from him. The Davinci Code has created a controversy amongst the Catholic community but finally has won many accolades.

Digital Fortress is the most favorite book of mine- this is the second flick from Dan.This is such a superb page turner that you cant wait a second to keep the book aside. The story revolves around a Superficial, fictitious Computer called TRANSLTR and the code that is needed to stop the computer from burning out.

Deception point is the third novel which narrates the superficial existence of PODS and a Huge rock beneath a Glacier. The suspense he maintained throughout the novel will make you simply say aaaah!!.

Fourth book that DAN wrote is titled Angels and Demons. This book was a blast too and this has also made it to Hollywood and hit the screens worldwide with unbelievable graphics.

I have been waiting for over an year for Dan to release the next novel of him- The Lost Symbol.The lost symbol has created loads of enthusiasm amongst the followers of Dan. The very website that is created for promoting the book was tremendous Here is the link of the site However, as many things come to an end, my waiting for Lost Symbol has also come to an end and finally the book got released lately.

The Lost Symbol is now available all over the world (YAY!!!!). To people who are lethargic like me who cannot go to a store and buy a copy of that - I want to help you in getting a soft copy of the book downloaded directly. I could successfully download the book and started reading it.

For all the folks, here is the link to download the Multi format Version of this Book.
In case if you are not able to access the link , Copy paste this URL in your browser.

The book is available in .pdf,.html, and a SQL server replication snapshot Procedure script. The PDF is the easiest and very user friendly format. So, if you are a Dan Brown fan Download the files and terminate the enthusiasm you have been facing for so looooong. If you are not a fan, even then download a copy and start reading it .I bet you will love it. He is such a good fiction storyteller that many a times while reading his books you take away your breath.

I would like to complete the book As soon as possible and write a review on it later.
Till then adios, ciao, hasta la vista',

Have fun and Keep rockin'!


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