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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Valentines Day Pravachan By SRIKI Baba

Hiya Friendz,

I have questioned myself recently...
What am I blogging and Why am I blogging??? LOL...
I thought Blogging just another way to reflect my persona.
I noted that I have been doing lot of preaching,teaching stuff and Yes all this messages I deliver are more generalized.
Any group of people can visualize himself as a reader of the post.
On this note, I have decided that I should seriously post something which is Specialized.
Something which is specific to some group of people.

After all I am not a baba to preach elders.
I am a just another young chap who has lot of dreams and dreamgalz who arrive often in those dreams......
Besides, you are not supposed to deliver speeches and make suggestions in those fields in which you lack experience.
Finally, I have decided to post a blog entry in that area I am well versed.


I am not going to say how flirting can be done or something that related to...... Because I preserve that to be a topic of my research(Ph.D). Though I deny it often.. I have lot of friends who are GIRLS( This doesnt mean that I have Girl Friends in the Indian Sense).... and I used to hang out at Ladies Hostel in HCU I was always "flocked by girls around me" ( Bold, Underlined, Italics) as said by one of friends(I am not going to reveal HER name until her permission) which made me understand the un-understandable entity to a little extent. So, I guess that will be of a little help in delivering this post.

Unfortunately, without any reason for the hells sake I had a nickname called LG(Love Guru) and I have never done any justice to the nickname/title. So, I am trying my level best to suggest you some tips for a Happy Valentines Day.
  • Look your best. Invest in some new clothes, or some swanky new gadget. Look uber cool and have the right attitude.

  • Girls don't come calling. Well that is a myth, these days, sometimes, they do. But we do not want to take chances right? So let them know that you are available. How will you do that? A single status on the social networking sites help. Easier still, let it slip to a couple of girls in your team, under the oath of secrecy of course, that you do not have a partner, and trust me, it will get you the desired result if she knows about some girl who may like being with you!

  • If there is someone you have always had a crush on, this is the right time to connect with them. Call them up, leave a message, and if you get lucky, there is nothing to beat it. A Valentine's Day spent with someone you can't connect with is even worse than one spent alone.

  • Send out sweet 'will you be my valentine' message to some random mobile numbers. Someone may respond, if you have a wrong number you can always excuse yourself, but if by any chance your message is delivered to someone equally lonely, why not push your luck a wee bit. Some such 'wrong number' calls have the history of ending up in marriages!

  • Hit at your friends- friends. Well, we don't want to make it sound shady. But consider this – your best buddy may have a girl friend and she would have a friend who is not committed. Try hinting that you would like to accompany her – plan a double date – after all she is single isn't she?

  • Social networking sites have opened up new vistas. Explore, spend time on it. Look up ex-flames and crushes on these sites. Who knows when you could turn lucky?

  • If you are the type who loves dogs, find one to take out for a walk. The cuter the dog the better, girls have a weakness for men who does this. If you don't have a dog and are sure where to find the girl, trust me, it is not bad to borrow a friend's dog for this purpose. Just make sure that the dog does not bite you or the girl!

  • Stalk. It is not a crime, everything is fair in love and war remember? At the cafeterias, cafes, shopping malls. If the universal thumb rule for love is correct, there should be someone some where made just for you. And you can't just ignore the fact that she may be at these places. And once you have shortlisted some, make sure you speak in you phone, loud enough for them to hear, 'Dad, I m not interested in an arranged marriage, I ll get married to someone I like,' and give her a sheepish grin.

  • If none of these work, no hard feelings, love will happen to you in due course. Till then, you can just have a ball and indeed there is nothing stopping you from throwing a 'single's' party at home. And hope someone may turn up, who is just right for you!

So keep hoping, Keep Loving, Keep Flirting.......

After all who said that Valentines day is just for lovers....... It is a day equal for the Flirters too.
Happy Valentine's Day Guys...............( Yes...........I mean it.......JUST GUYS).


Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Roar with the Tigers!

At times it is quite devastating to hear that Our national animal is being hunted very brutally. The hunting is going beyond the limits and now the number of tigers that are left has gone far far beyond the danger mark. As per the latest statistics its says that there are just 1411 tigers left.

JUST 1411 - Quite a devastating number. Now the alarms are ringing high on the roads, its THE time to take an oath and take a step forward. I dont expect to see a revolution coming up by spending a few minutes of my time by keying down some words and eating some bandwidth. But, I consider myself to be successful even if a single reader who reads this post thinks for a while about the cause.

We are all just normal human beings who have lot of complaints with the life and people around us. We are busy often to care about things related to public interest like saving the tigers, global warming etc. But, we can excuse ourself by atleast joining campaigns like this to save the Planet. So guys please join the cause at the following location.

Roar along with us to make some difference.
Your roar can make our lifes better and the lifes of the tigers.

Save Our Tigers | Join the Roar

Lets take an oath to stop this here itself.
Lets not procrastinate it anymore.
Lets Protest against Killing Tigers.
Lets move a step ahead and quit using leather products made of wild animals.

Lets Live and Let live.............

Jeeyo aur jeenedo.......... ye khushi kaa hain raaz
Achchi aadat hi hain....................apnaa sartaaz.....