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Friday, March 5, 2010

Friends: Rajesh Kumar Sinha.

Rajesh Kumar Sinha.
Banda Jitnaa simple... simple utna intro.The first person I have seen at HCU who has unexpectedly become a major importance in my life.
I still remember when did I first see him. He was with a Mustache ON and it was in GB hall. First person in the list on the admission day.
At that moment I never knew that I am probably gonna stay with him in a same hostel, same wing and mostly the same room. He was simple and sober right from the initial days and he still is. That is the best part of Sinha (Sinha ji as venu calls him). I call it destiny and destiny is the only thing which lets you meet people who are away million miles and once you meet them it is worth million lives of bonding. I, rite through the inner layers of my heart cherish the relation with Sinha for the forthcoming lives together. He is too sweet a dude to hang along with.
Sinha and me along with Venu and Noops have spent days and months together on the roads roaming HCU through its Length and Breadth. In the initial days we were in same wing and right from seeing each others faces at the Loo till Good Night wala pissing we used to see each other quite often. Later right from the second semester our bonding grew stronger.I have some words for him which I could not actually speak out because We've never come across such an occasion. But thanks to Blogger; I am very strongly inspired by Sinha. It was not something that he has preached me or taught me but an undercurrent process that had a strong impact on me. If I have transformed myself into a more matured kind of human being 'Yes' Sinha is a part of the change. The way he lives and experiences practicality is the best feature of him. Its rare that you predict what happens exactly to you in the next coming months/years as a result of what are you doing 'NOW'. Sinha has got that 'Khoobiyat'. He usually is a very calm and understanding friend/Son/person who often compromises to make people around him happy. This is one of the lessons I have learnt from him. He always stands for truth and one needs lot of guts to do so. Accept the FACT is the word..... may be you are wrong at times, may be you are supporting the wrong mob -ACCEPT it. Whatever it is: Life, Friend, Grade whatever it is..........
Ok enough of formal positive qualities, let me recollect some lingering memories with him. Sinha initially had a cycle and I had a scooty. I was sick driving beside him on the uphill road so.. I used to hold his right hand with my left hand and ride my scooty thus.. both of us reach hostels at same time at same momentum. I now, wish someone had really taken a pic of such a moment. It looks so Bollywood but that was one of the best moments I have experienced. The very group titled 'Family' has bagged lot of memories just because of his presence. The optimal rectangle seating arrangement( Rajesh and Venu in the front row followed by Me and Noopur for copying in exams) was his architecture. He is the one who saved our asses being burnt many times by the Faculty. Sinha learns all week and explains rest in few hours that we can actually go face the Goddamn minors/Majors and assignments/projects at HCU which are sure nightmares for students. He is yet another Dennis Ritchie - a complete leader of C who has understood and corrected my project in hours of time. Thanks for the B in Programming Methodology dude. I just find a drape of tear in my eyes whenever I remember the day when we dragged a Huge Dried tree for over a kilometer for the mid night campfire at the Open Dais.
There is a very big list of memories we shared together:
  • Chai Dukaan at F Hostel,
  • Mess card hamesha open Phir bhi dinner at GOPS,
  • Shaam ko Honeywell se jaldi aake Chemistry Dept ke paas waala Mirchi khaana,
  • Raat ke 2 baje tak gappe maarke tab sar phir ke Helipad tak gaadiyon pe ghoomnaa,
  • Poore Bheege Bheege barish main Football finals at Gachibowli Stadium,
  • Sukoon ke 3 baje raat maastaan bhai's fuming coffee,
  • Vasundhra (Yet another unfogettable buddy) ko platina chalaate video lenaa....(again at some 2 am),
  • Aadhi raat tak Ladies Hostel yaa Gops ke paas baith ke gaadi pe sonaa
  • Last minute rush for the Coke for Vasundhra at 12 mid night( After she accepted ki woh mere pair padhengi..).
  • Pyaas lage toh gup chup Bhoookh lage toh ganne kaa ras,
  • Holi ke din ka recharge card wala incident and and and...............
  • thousands of memories more. I am sure I can write a book compiling all these memories.

I can never forget the expression in his eyes when I gave him this:
I have some how used my brain(I am not sure whether I have one??) to be a little creative and present him it. It is a collage of lot of photographs of him which I made it into a poster and packed in 9 layers... which included a Pepe jeans cloth on the top most layer. I am glad that he still preserves it with lot of care in his home.
Frankly there is no conclusion for posts like this because relations like this are everlasting and never ending. But to do the formalities I have some words to say to you through this: "Bro, you are absolutely amazing. You have been a real inspiration and support for me. I thank god that I have got people like you and venu are in my life and saaley you pray that you have people like me and aarthi in your life. By the way Guys: I feel so sad to say that Sinha is HAPPILY MARRIED. Yes Happily in bold italics. He has got an amazing life partner :beautiful Aarti with a much beautiful heart. He has got Two Dynamic kind of brothers who will be getting married soon...hehhe.....".

"In the pursuit of my higher academics at Hyderabad Central University I have come across a something like a rock... When I had a keen look at it I found that was a Huge diamond. It is of about 5'7" tall, lean and handsome Bokaro Cut Jharkhand Diamond: Rajesh Kumar Sinha...... Full Respect and loads of love... Please give a Very big Shout and Three cheers to our ultimate,eternal friendship which is travelling towards infinity and beyond..................."

Cheers ,

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Friends: Venu

Alright guys... Here goes a posting which is most supposed to be a testimonial on orkut. But this guy cannot be defined in 1024 characters( atleast by me). I am sure I can write 1024 pages about him, that is the intensity of intimacy I have with him.... Ok let me brief about the man I am talking about. Mr. Venu Madhav Putta
aka Putta(Read POTTA) an absolutely genius mathematician (and he certainly is a better playboy to a mathematician). Some one who can work hard but still tends to work smarter and find the shortest path to the solution(we used to copy more and study less during exams.... Team Work means more work is the say ). Standing top in a national level entrance exam is no joke, this chap has made it through for the HCU MCA and a topper can actually copy in exams -work smart- get a job in TCS.

Its almost 5 years since I met this handsome,uber cool,ultra clever, Extra talented, mega flirtatious, super dynamic, hot, young and highly energetic chap. Ever since then, we have been the best of the best friends till date. Our wavelengths match so perfectly that we can speak each others mind's actually. This may be because he is not my friend but is more than my own soul to me.
I get so nostalgic and pleasant whenever I recollect the initial days of our friendship. I had lot of respect towards him and his talent(and yeah I still have it.....) . He is a Math lover and I am arithmophobic. Yet, there was one thing we have common in both of us. We loved singing and were actually better singers. Way down in our second semester we attended the auditions for the Singer search in HCU for the Valentines Days special orchestra and both of us got selected. We had about 10-12 days to rehearse and make it on to the big stage. I never knew then that those few days are going to make a real strong bonding between both of us. Finally the day came down and we could deliver our best on the DST dais on FEB 14th of 2006. Sure that day was a special day because the ONLY day I have ever gotten(actually) an upper hand over him. Other than that day I am always deprived and bowled by his love, and talent.
Both of us had thousands and lakhs of memories together.Venu is someone who has the real zeal within him towards learning new things and constantly practicing them. I must say his dedication was incomparable when he decided to improve himself in spoken English. I myself have seen him transforming from a below normal level English speaking student into a teacher who can teach 8 hours a day in English to hundred non Telugu speakers. One must clap for his endurance in learning. I feel proud that from a stage of learning vocabulary from me he has grown up to the level of teaching vocab to me. Hats off Venu...... we have done lot of mischievous things together. Though this post is to express my experiences with Venu, I feel that I need not disclose all the secrets. LOL.
If someone considers Venu to be very silent and sober man ; (S)He is gone. My Goodness.. You will die rolling on the floor laughing to his timing in cracking jokes.We have danced through so many DJ nights and tried seeing the peaks of fun. If friendship is all about cracking jokes,dancing together, roaming here and there; then yes we are friends. But there is another best part of him which is certainly the key thing in continuing the BEST bonding. I am sure he hates to read this if he is reading the post but... he is very kind and helping friend for me. During the 3rd semester of my stay at HCU when I was down with a road accident and still my professors wanted me to attend the classes in the wheel chair, I had to choose a place to stay for 2 months. Instead of being there in my own room I have chosen to stay in Venu's room. During those two months he protected me like a baby all the time. I must mention Sashi's name here who is no less than Venu for me in certain terms. Right from getting me brushed and making me bathe to visiting GOPS in the late nights with peeled hand and a broken leg on my scooty we have experience endless fun. We sang so many concerts (కచేరీలు) together over the Nokia 1108 phone(Please contact Venu for further details). We shared so may hours together and each second of them is unforgettable. I am glad that he is a very responsible son and brother who could get his sweet little sister married grandly.

Wait a minute; I am sure that if you have read this post completely till now you must also have had lot of respect to him. But, he is just not what all I have said. He has got so much of talent in tackling girls.He never cares what people talk behind him or whatsoever. Both of us have an answer for people who don't like us." The Following picture explains what is the answer better.


He made me do what not for the sake of ____. In the name of friendship and in the name of Venu I have done so many sins and I sincerely confess for all of them and I demand God that major part of those sins belong to Venu and he should be punished in HELL for all of them. He is goddamn responsible for the chits he made through SMS and sent us and Sinha and I are Not. He made me wait hours together to pick him up at the main gate and Drop him back at his room. Whenever I got a call to pick up Mr.Venu I never hesitated to leave my girlfriends all alone in the middle of the road and take a U turn to pick him up. Still he is not satisfied... He still continues to take away my life by making me take so many risks...... ( No more further info can be provided as it is hazardous for my survival).

On the whole, I am so happy and thankful to god that I have got to meet a person like Venu in my life. Without Venu I am incomplete.... Our No More together group called FAMILY(Noops,Me,Rajesh, Venu) will be incomplete. I wish him ( ..... and am so sure) that he scales very very greater heights. I wish he stops flirting (.....hopefully...) and gets married to a nice girl,( that some of the single young chaps like me are left with some girls in this world).... I pray to god that he troubles me less and he stops taking away my deos..... and makes less part of his sins. @Venu you are someone who is really handsome,uber cool,ultra clever, Extra talented, mega flirtatious, super dynamic, hot, young and highly energetic chap and I am happy and Proud that you are my friend. Love you so very much.

Keep Smiling:

-Taarzaan( AKA Sriki)