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Monday, December 8, 2008

How Imporrtant is it to maintain Distance between vehicle while in Traffic

It’s almost a week since....I had a small crash while travelling through the Clumsy,confusing,Puzzling and Shitty Roads of Hyderabad in the cab
The incident took place on a flyover in Begumpet. Yes ..The Begumpet. No wonder that some one has stumbled the other on those busy flyovers. Because the timing(9a.m-11 a.m) itself is such a significant time for all the citizens of Hyderabad who go to Work.

The incident happened like this..
We were 6 people all together in the cab. We have reached begumpet at almost 9.35a.m.
As soon as we got upon to the Prakash Nagar Fly Over..( TMC fly over)  there was a fleet of 20-30 cars and SUV's ahead of us in the same lane of ours.
Something some where went wrong with the First few cars and it happened to be Chained applying of Sudden Brakes.

Our cab was at a speed of 30 kmph or even lesser...all of a sudden.. was forced slam into a Black Scorpio in front of us due to the chained Sudden Brakes.The jerk went so rapid that I pounced out of my seat and had slammed my head to the car's door Support.

For a moment ... Everything went blank.

But very soon i could get to understand the situation.
Later...In less than a minute i was feeling some excruciating pain on my forehead.
When I rubbed over .......I found that there was a Bump on my head.
There was absolutely no blood but the pain was simply untolerable.

Anyhow......If we try to find the root cause for the whole incident I found that Not maintaining a minimum distance between the vehicles as the reason. I drove almost 22,000 kms on my vehicle only in Hyderabad. but I never bothered to maintain the minimum distance.
I always have applied Sudden Brakes ....Irrespective of the Road , time and Area.
I never realized that it is significant to maintain so. But now after this small accident I have realized that it is very important to maintain ample 
distance with the vehicles.

I dont expect to see a Revolution in the driving styles of the citizens of Hyderabad by posting this blog. But, Just because it happened to be a Mishap with us....
I hope anyone at any point of time reading this post ........ if at all U can visualize what I have written....and keep it in ur mind...I am sure that you'll never come across a situation like me...

I wish evryone in Hyderabad..... A very happy ..Joy ful....&  Safe riding in Hyderabad..and all Heavy Traffic Prone cities....


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