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Thursday, July 2, 2009

Walk away!!!

This is a nice poem I came across when I was going through one of the websites.
Here is the actual LINK where the poem is posted. I somehow am very impressed by the lucid presentation of the feeling of the poet.

Just have a look..... If you have ever faced something named 'Betrayal' in your life ever you can empathize it

This girl,
She's one of a kind,
I wish I could hold her,
I'm sitting here losing my mind,

I used to make her smile,
Really smile,
But since I moved away,
No one's seen it in a while,

I miss her so bad,
And all I want is to kiss her,
To get a glimpse of what we had,
Because it just disappeared in a blur,

I used to see her face everyday,
But we're spreading apart,
And our memories are starting to,
Slowly drift away,

My world is painted black and white,
Because she was my color,
With her every little thing was right,
Now we're forgetting each other,

I can only hang onto her in my dreams,
But I should know by now,
That nothing's as incredible as it seems,

But I can go on,
I will go on without her,
I didn't mean to ever doubt her,
I'm not so much of a doubter,

This girl,
Who has made my last years great,
But I guess being together,
Just wasn't our fate


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