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Sunday, August 16, 2009

Citius, Altius, Fortius- That is HCU MCA

Hello Guys,

This posting is more personally related to the students who did/doing their MCA at HCU.

In case you are not a part of the Family : Please dont read further

I have always been saying that My stay at HCU has been the most wonderful time Ive ever spent in my life till date. All that happened because of I was a student and an eternal part of the MCA family at HCU. The relation the students used to maintain in MCA is no less than any family. At any point of time there will be a minimum of 119 people behind you in case of any Problem.

I accept that these days laws are being implemented and all the care is taken so that No student interacts his/her juniors in HCU. But, Being a student of this wonderful group ( MCA @ HCU) I completely disagree with all those buggers who constantly are aiming at MCA students in HCU all the time. Some ( Sexually Frustrated Indians) of HCU were constantly molesting the MCA fraternity but could not succeed in gaining an upper hand against us. But as a famous saying says - "If you can't move a stumbling block nor get over it simply pee on it and walk away". Thats what is happening all the time. Nobody can never ever ruin the congeniality and the affection that we hold within us as a family.

This world is full of slum-fuckers and HCU is no exception. The wisdom lies in how well can we handle these "Good for nothings". During my recent visit to HCU a few weeks ago - I learnt from my juniors that.. so many people at HCU in groups are trying to catch hold of the seniors along with juniors and make some ragging story out of it- so that they can grab the asses of the students careers. Bull shit!!!

All this is taking place only to achieve on target- Spoil the integrity of the MCA students.
Because we being together ever since the course has formed have never bent our head to any group in the whole Univ. That is the irony beyond all this grudge.The faculty in DCIS are no lesser there are very very few who really care for us. They don't even care if the career of a student gets ruined if the student doesnot satisfy the ego of him/her. I personally have faced this I had to see pathetic grades- and when I asked the reason. They say"I have no attitude...." and "My classmates forgot to wish her - morning". What the F***.
अनुपमा faculty available at DCIS.

So, My point here is to appeal all the existing and new coming students of MCA HCU is - " Dont get devastated with all the non sense people spread all around". Play a safe game yet dont forget that you carry forward a lot of tradition & fraternity. As I heard that the freshers is nearing soon. I would like all of you to say this loudly yet another time.

Coca Cola Pepsi --------- MCA SEXY

Lots of Love,
Sriki (Unfortunately, The last Mr.Congeniality of HCU MCA till date)

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