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Friday, September 26, 2008

Virtual Web Application

This application uses File System Provider of ASP.NET Whidbey to serve web pages from database. Using this provider, you can serve web pages from any non-file system location. In this application, web pages are stored in Access Database. In addition, this web application will not have all the web pages stored in database. Other than Generic pages like LoginPage.aspx, RegisterUser.aspx and .Master page, all other pages are generated dynamically i.e. there wont be any file in database or in file system for those web pages. When the page is requested, content is dynamically generated and sent to the user. Only one template page is stored in database from where all the content is generated. Content is generated based on configuration in an xml file, which is specified in previous section.  

When a page is requested by a user, this application will verify whether that web page is specified in the xml file. Otherwise, file not found error is raised. If the file is specified in the xml file. It will look for content definition in that file, based on that it will generate the content for this web page.



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