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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Those were the best days of my life..

HCU has been an inseparable part of my life.

Three years(plus 3 months) of my life out there was the most wonderful era of my life till date. It is that campus where I realized what is called life at its core meaning. I have experienced the meaning of freedom. Every location of this wonderful place has got so many memories linked up with me. Right from the main entrance through the Helipad at the extreme end through the forest area towards the Gopanpally (Now, there is barely any forest its called South campus).

I just want to write this blog post to my own self. So that whenever feel sad or unhappy I can jus open this post and feel pleasant. I am sure there will be so many others from HCU who feels the same. The place holds a mesmerizing factor within it. Be it the lakes, be it the roads, be it the vegetation, or be it the 2300 acres of huuuge campus. Every inch of HCU has magic filled in it.

Doing MCA in HCU is like a dream for so many students. I feel so blessed to be a part of that without of much of effort. And if I say MCA this is what that comes into my mind have a look at this before proceeding further.

Caught up in nostalgia??? You ought to! No other go!

The people you saw in the above video are the best people I could ever get to meet till now. I have a special place for all of them all the time. Right through the starting days of interaction to the farewell ever day is a Golden day and every moment is a Golden Moment. When I tried to compile all of them and give it a shape it looks like this.

How is it? Awesome.. wonderful.. excellent .. superb??? I bet you run out of adjectives to describe the feelings. Because the life at the place itself is so wonderful that you run out of words. As every single passed out of HCU misses the University and the life there I miss it too. In fact I miss it much more than anyone else. It has been a place where I had atleast 5-10 people always around me and have fun.

Now I miss all those buddies and all those wonderful experiences I had with them.
Those were the best days of my life because…

I miss driving on those blossom filled roads.
I miss holding sinha’s hand and driving him till D hostel.
I miss laying on the green grass bed of library lawn.
I miss bunking the class and sleeping in my room lazily.
I miss putting g proxies for my friends.
I miss cheating in R13.
I miss the Irani Chai at Shop comp.
I miss the late night diners we had at Vindu.
I miss waiting for girls at LH.
I miss driving them Helipad.
I miss the Bdays at Bday Circle.
I miss the mid night Chai at C hostel.
I miss one day batting for exams.
I miss the movies at DST.
I miss the DJ’s and the dance floor.
If all these things are put aside I miss the heaven on the earth called GOPS.
If I stayed for three years in HCU then I almost spent 2.5 years in GOPS.
I miss it the most. I always had complaints about the taste of the food there, Still ate the most of the time there. Because at gops it’s not the food that fills your stomach but several other things.

Finally, I want to say something.
HCU is a very special for each of the student who studied there. It is certain.
But for a person like me who has experienced the warmth and love of the people there and being the Mr. Sukoon of the campus for the year 2008. Its more than an year since I left the place but still I have the feeling of missing it.

Whatever it is life has to move on and it is moving on.
Baatein Bhool jatein hain yadein yaad aati hain….
This is life all about.
All that I can say is .. As Bryan Adams says in Summer of ’69.
Those were the best days of my life….



Shyam said... had touched the feelings till the far depth...
i would just say that... "Jane Kahan Gaye vo Din..."
Bcoz I have been planning to visit HCU once from the day I left..its been more than three years now.
Life has come a way ahead n cant see the way back.
Lucky you that you r still in Hyderabad. Keep rocking. best wishes

encounter said...

Life is all about change..
Nothing endures but change.
It is only the wisest and the stupidest that cannot CHANGE.

Ratnesh said...

"Bro you are superb, amazing and my fav. MCA'ian(naturally after my brillaint & smart Bro) in my short time study during 07-08(between) at HCU and really reading your blogs put a life in my past which I was spent there.
Really I was lucky that I got there good interaction with other MCA'ian specially your and such a nice and rocking place like HCU campus. Keep rocking allways.